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International Hunyuan Taiji Exchange Conference Chairman:

Dear Hunyuan Taiji Practioners,
Beijing Zhiqiang Martial Arts Academy and Beijing Hunyuan Taiji Cultural Center has scheduled the ?rd International Hunyuan Taiji Exchange Conference?to be held in Beijing, China on October 30, 2011 to November 1, 2011.
In harmony with Heaven, Humanity and Earth, Hunyuan Taiji has shown rapid developments in China as well as abroad, and it has become a cultural trademark of China. Having two previous successful ¡°International Hunyuan Taiji Exchange Conferences this ?rd International Hunyuan Taiji Exchange Conference?will be of grander scale and rich of events. During the conference, famous Chinese martial arts experts will gather in Beijing and the conference will be covered by the most prestigious media.
For our friends that practice Hunyuan Taiji this is a ideal opportunity to practice, research, network and further improve your own practice.
We hope that you can join and will be looking forward to your reply!
International Hunyuan Taiji Exchange Conference Chairman:
Feng Zhi Qiang
December 25, 2010