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Jason Meehan - A Poster Child of Taichi


Jason with Master Justin (center) and brother John (right)Jason Meehan is a linebacker for the Webster Groves High School Football Team. At 63? he is strong and fast. Currently, the Webster Groves team is ranked first in Missouri. According to Sports Power, he had 78 tackles last year before Thanksgiving. Not content with just keeping the other team from scoring, Jason helped his own team, scoring a touchdown when his team played against Eureka High School on on Sept 11, 2009. KMOV TV in St. Louis reported this event and you see the highlight via this link.

This handsome 17-years old junior is also on the Varsity basketball team which was the State Champion last year. Even more impressive, he has won the national championship in the Taichi Push Hands tournament in 2008 and 2009.

orn to a bi-racial family, Jason is unique. He was nurtured in Taichi (Tai Chi, Taiji) when he was in his moms womb before he was born. Master Justin Meehan fully appreciates the health benefit that Taichi has and persuaded his wife practicing Taichi during pregnancy.

Jason on Varsity Basketball team (photoed by Grant Hamill)Jasons home is like a Chinese museum decorated with Chinese artifacts, books, and martial arts gear but set in an urban setting. Many Taichi Grandmasters have visited and even stayed at his home. By the age of three, Jason had already learned a Chen Style short form. He continues to learn Taichi and excels. Jasons interests for martial arts are diverse. He has studied hard style arts, including Capoeira or the Dance of War, a Brazilian martial art which is said to be created and practiced by Afro-Brazilians. Jason is appreciative of his parents support of his sport interests. He went to San Francisco to learn from Master Zhang Xue-Xian. Two years ago, he and Justin attended a HunYuan Taichi conference and workshop in Beijing, China. He learned directly from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.