Louis HunYuan Taiji students win International


St. Louis HunYuan Taiji students Jason Meehan (17) and John (22) win

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship Push Hands Tournaments

2008 Orlando Fla - Jason Meehan (at 16) - 1st place Heavyweight

2009 Orlando, Fla - Jason Meehan (at 17) - 1st place Heavyweight

John Meehan (at 21) - 2nd place Heavyweight

2010 St. Pete, Fla. John Meehan (at 22) - 1st place Extreme Push Hands (allowing throws, joint locks and sweeps)

Jason travelled to Beijing, China in 2007 to participate in HunYuan Conference and meet GrandMaster Feng

John Meehan is a law student at Drake University in Iowa.

Their father and teacher, J. Justin Meehan, studied with GrandMaster Feng first in 1981 and with Master Zhang Xue Xin