St. Louis HunYuan Taiji students win International Championship in Push Hands


St. Louis HunYuan Taiji students Jason Meehan (17) and John (22) win

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship Push Hands Tournaments

2008 Orlando Fla - Jason Meehan (at 16) - 1st place Heavyweight

2009 Orlando, Fla - Jason Meehan (at 17) - 1st place Heavyweight

John Meehan (at 21) - 2nd place Heavyweight

2010 St. Pete, Fla. John Meehan (at 22) - 1st place Extreme Push Hands (allowing throws, joint locks and sweeps)

Jason travelled to Beijing, China in 2007 to participate in HunYuan Conference and meet GrandMaster Feng

John Meehan is a law student at Drake University in Iowa.

Their father and teacher, J. Justin Meehan, studied with GrandMaster Feng first in 1981 and with Master Zhang Xue Xin