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the rooms for small meetings

The 4th session for Hunyuan Taijiquan Congress in 2011 was held in Beijing in 23rd, January. Mrs. Feng Xiufang did a report about the preparation of the 3rd International Congress of Hunyuan Taijiquan, especially about the places where each programs will take place during the congress.
Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang sit in on the meeting too, he encouraged the attendee to do their best to ensure the plenty of success of the congress.
The places in Jiuhua Shanzhuang Hotel having been settled for every programs:
1, the rooms for the accommodation of foreign attendee and dining room.
2. the rooms for the accommodation of Chinese attendee and dining room.
3. the rooms for the opening and other ceremonies.
4. the rooms for small meetings.
5. the rooms for competition events.
6. the room for the Artwork Exhibition and Charity Sale.
7, the room for banquet and art party.